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We have great news for you! The IST Guides and Leaders Guides for IC2016 participants are already being printed! Continue reading →

The Meeting of the Preparation Team in Josefov

There is only one month left until Intercamp 2016 starts so there was a meeting of the Preparation Team at the Elementary School in Josefov.

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Appeal to Registered Participants – Medical Data

 An appeal to all registered members – don’t forget to send your medical data! Continue reading →

Organization, Facilities and Shops

We bring a short information about the organization of the upcoming Intercamp 2016 and about facilities and shops that will be at the campsite.


  • The official language of the event is English and the group leader has to speak it on communication level.
  • You can pay only in EUR or CZK.
  • All non-Czech participants, ISTs and group leaders must have a travel insurance covering medical expenses. Your usual insurance doesn’t have to be sufficient and costs of medical examination are high in the Czech Republic. Organizers of IC2016 will not pay costs of medical examinations for non-Czech participants, ISTs or group leaders.
  • We ask all groups to have a number of tents adequate to the number of their participants.
  • We recommend to have a uniform for the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Participants using PMR walkie-talkies can tune channels 2 and 7 that are designated for them.


  • Electricity will not be provided for groups during the event.
  • There will be separate showers with given operating hours available at the campsite. Participants and their leaders can use them for the fee of 1€/27 CZK per shower. The organizer reserves the right to restrict the use of showers

Shops at IC2016shop front colour

  • Scout Shops (8 AM – 11 PM)
    • Jun
    • Polish Shop
    • ScoutShop – NL
  • Food stand (6:30 AM – 11 PM)
    • fresh bakery
    • drinks
    • basic food
    • wafers, crackers
  • SuperHero Bistro (8 AM – 11 PM)
  • Teashop (8 AM – 11 PM)



Individual entities (mainly shops) may shorten their opening hours.


Information Booklet Intercamp 2016

Please download our information Booklet of Intercamp 2016 – please read carefully – it contains many important information!


Download the PDF-file!